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Frequently Ask Questions

How does this work?
Everytime you complete a free survey, trial offer, or purchase offer, you get points. Then you can redeem these points for money or cool products such as gift cards and electronics!

Why do you give rewards to do a free survey?
We've partnered with a group of companies that utilize the information you give them for compile research data. They don't sell your information. They use the answers you provide them with in your survey to determine what sort of products they should make, and what kind of person to market it to.

Can I join in your program?
Yes, anyone in the world can join our program.

Is there a limit to the number of surveys I can do?
Nope! As long as you are providing real and truthful information in your surveys, you can do whatever surveys you want, whenever you want!

Can I get points without filling in surveys and offers?
Yes! We have a referral system in place. Once you sign up, go to the members area and you'll find your special referral link. Give this out to friends, family and colleagues, or promote online. You will earn 20% of their lifetime earnings.

What are points worth?
10 points = $0.25
50 points = $1.25
100 points = $2.50
500 points = $12.50
1000 points = $25.00

*You need 30 points before you can redeem them for gift vouchers or Paypal.

How can I request a voucher?
Once you earn 30 points a link will be enabled in the members area, which will enable you to contact us with your request. From there you can choose which voucher you'd like us to send you.

How long does it take for me to receive what I redeem?
All 'redemptions' are reviewed by an administrator within 48 hours after you redeem it. Once we've confirmed your earnings were legitimate, you provided truthful information, and did not use a bot, your item will be sent! In the event we need a shipping address, you will be contacted.

I completed a survey but never received the points, how come?
If you have tried completing any of these surveys and you did not receive any points, it is due to one of the following reasons: 1. Advertiser did not find the information you provided useful.
2. You did not match the advertiser's targeted demographic.
3. Your cookies are not enabled.
4. You did not complete the survey all-the-way.

Some advertiser's are pickier than others. We suggest if one survey does not reward you, to just move onto the next. This is the nature of the free surveys and the incentive CPA industry.

Do you give bonus points?
Yes, we will give you 10 points which is equivalent to $0.25, right after you register. You will also receive 20% of your referral's points every time they complete a task.

How can we contact you?
You can reach us via email at contact@loadcentralph.net OR via the Contact Us page.

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